Important Cosmetic Surgery Information

In cosmetic surgery today, one of the most popular procedures is fat grafting. According to the media, it is a very new procedure, the 'state-of-the-art' in cosmetic surgery.

In fact for Dr. Amar, this is not the case. He developed the revolutionary FAMI™ technique of fat grafting in 1997.

Whether you call it fat grafting, facial fat transfer, fat injection, stem cell facelift, face-lifting with adult stem cells, lipostructure or various other names, FAMI™ is the process of harvesting stem cells from your own fat and replacing it into the face. You can read more about this procedure on Dr. Roger Amar's main website: Fat Grafting

Dr. Roger Amar, founder of FAMI™

Dr. Roger Amar

Marbella Cosmetic Surgery is now "The Amar Clinic"

Marbella cosmetic surgery is now called "The Amar Clinic". We have changed the name of the clinic to The Amar Clinic to associate our name directly with the famous Dr. Roger Amar.

Marbella cosmetic surgery is still the same business and nothing has changed except the name.

To find out more about "The Amar Clinic" go to our new web site: The Amar Clinic

Marbella Cosmetic Surgery can handle all of your cosmetic surgery needs including Breast implants, Liposuction, nose (rhinoplasty), eyes (blepharoplasty, FAMI™ facelifting, upper mid and lower facelift plus other procedures, please contact us for more information on all procedures including quick fix solutions such as botox, sculptura new fill, peels etc for that fast in out solution.

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Services that Marbella Cosmetic Surgery can offer you

Marbella Cosmetic Surgery has a wide range of services for women and men of all ages. The following are a few of our most popular procedures:

Marbella aesthetic clinic plastic Surgery holidays, Spain, Costa del Sol has helped disfigured children with Dr Roger Amar and his FAMI™ fat graft, techinue often refered to as fat grafting using your own stem cells.

**Note to Surgeons - Dr. Roger Amar is an accredited sugeon who has developed the FAMI™ technique. Further information about this procedure and tools is found in his book, more information here: FAT GRAFTING FAMI (Fat Autograft Muscle Injection)